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Saturdays 9:00 AM - 3:30 PM
Sundays 9:00 AM - 3:30 PM
Wednesdays (Shotgun only) 9:00 AM - 3:30 PM

Active Members may shoot at the Club's Ranges and Fields any time between sunrise and sunset seven days a week, 361 days a year. WCGC shooting ranges will be closed during cultural holidays such as winter and summer solstices and spring and autumn equinoxes. Please see Calendar for Dates and Times of Special Events and Special Closures.

Winchester Canyon Gun Club (No mail at this address)
6620 West Camino Cielo
Santa Barbara, CA 

Mailing Address - Business
PO Box 3306
Santa Barbara, CA 93130

Mailing Address -State and Federal Filings
27 W. Anapamu #133
Santa Barbara, CA 93101

Voice Mail Phone # 805-964-5606 
(For quickest response, call or email Ryan Burns, Range Manager)

Ryan Burns - Range Manager, Events and Law Enforcement Liaison 
g - ‪Cell: (909) 273-5821‬ 

Ruthann Morrison – Membership Chair – membership@wcgc.org

Dayton Aldrich - President President@wcgc.org

Vice President – Paul McKenna
Treasurer – Matt Montanano (Finance Committee)
Secretary – Brent Manchester (Finance Committee)
Rob Holcombe
Brian Nash (Finance Committee)
Ruthann Morrison (Finance Committee/Membership Chair)

If you haven't visited us before, allow extra time and read all the following maps very carefully. Although we don't have an EXACT street address, 6620 to 6622 West Camino Cielo, Santa Barbara, CA 93105 will get you close. Google indicates we have an approximate Latitude/Longitude of  34.505425,-119.865217 .


If you are traveling from the South: 
To get to the Winchester Canyon Gun Cl
ub take highway 101 to
the San Marcos Pass (State highway 154) freeway exit.
Go north up the pass to West Camino Cielo (approx. 7 miles).
Turn left on to West Camino Cielo and follow the road
(stay to the left at the fork) for approximately 4mil
The gun club is located at the end of the paved road.

If you are traveling from the North: 
To get to the Winchester Canyon Gun Club take highway 101 to
the State Highway 154 freeway exit north of  Buellton.
Go south on 154 to West Camino Cielo (approx. 25 miles).
Turn right on to West Camino Cielo and follow the road
(stay to the left at the fork) for approx. 4 miles.
The gun club is located at the end of the paved road.

For more specific directions and information,
please email rangemanager@wcgc.org

Google Street View of Entrance to the Trap and Skeet Field


If the weather is foggy, and you can't see the impact berms, it is NOT SAFE to shoot. If you look at this weather station and the humidity level is about 90% or higher, the club is fogged in. We are working on getting a weather camera set up so you will be able to take a look at the current range conditions. We are making progress on getting our weather station back online, and are hopeful it will be back operational soon.


All firearm instruction at Winchester Canyon Gun Club must be by a Certified Firearms Instructor approved by the WCGC Board and MUST be present whenever live fire instruction is given at the WCGC Range. 

Winchester Canyon offers Shotgun Instruction by our qualified and certified staff. Please see more information here regarding Shotgun Instruction at WCGC:  SHOTGUN RANGE INFO

For all other instruction, please see our list below of the WCGC Approved Instructors. If you are receiving instruction or see someone receiving instruction by a non authorized instructor, please contact the Range Manager (rangemanager@wcgc.org) immediately.

WCGC Approved Instructors 

Winchester Canyon Gun Club
Shotgun Instruction

WCGC Certified Firearm Instructors
Phone: 805-964-5606 
Email: rangemanager@wcgc.org
Website: WCGC Shotgun Range Info

Paratus Training LLC

Owner / Instructor: Rob Holcombe
Instructor: Daniel Massey 
Phone: 895-259-8542
Email: rob@paratustraining.com
Website: paratustraining.com 

VC Armory

Owner / Instructor: Justin Young 
Phone: 805-320-7729
Email: justin@vcarmory.com
Website: vcarmory.com

Adamas Firearms Training

Owner/Instructor: Tanner Diamond 
Phone: 661-993-8156
Email: tanner@adamasfirearmstraining.com
Website: www.adamasfirearmstraining.com

Chris Davis

Email: cd.fish@icloud.com

Ralph Iannelli

Email: rtiannelli@gmail.com

Jacob Sandoval

Legal Heat

Email: https://mylegalheat.com/contact/#
Phone: 877-252-1055

Aaron Miller
Central Coast Tactical, LLC 

Cell: 650-380-4267


Larry Guevara 
Ventura County & Santa Barbara County CCW Instructor
Cell: 805-216-5427
Email: vcccdpoa@yahoo.com

David Humphrey CFI, CRSO
Nicole Elliott CFI, CRSO

Fundamental Firearms Training Santa Barbara
NRA Certified Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun & CCW Instructors
Phone: 805-448-5969 
Email: david@fftsb.com

Winchester Canyon Gun Club

6620 West Camino Cielo, 
Santa Barbara, CA 93105 
(do not send mail to this address)

Map & Directions HERE


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