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200 Yard Range OPEN to MEMBERS

  • 23 Dec 2023
  • 28 Dec 2024
  • 13 sessions
  • 23 Dec 2023 (PST)
  • 27 Jan 2024 (PST)
  • 24 Feb 2024 (PST)
  • 30 Mar 2024 (PDT)
  • 27 Apr 2024 (PDT)
  • 25 May 2024 (PDT)
  • 22 Jun 2024 (PDT)
  • 27 Jul 2024 (PDT)
  • 24 Aug 2024 (PDT)
  • 28 Sep 2024 (PDT)
  • 26 Oct 2024 (PDT)
  • 23 Nov 2024 (PST)
  • 28 Dec 2024 (PST)
  • Winchester Canyon Gun Club 200 Yard Range

The 200 Yard Range OPEN to MEMBERS every 4th Saturday of every Month. (Except for March which will be the 5th Saturday) Members only. Please make sure all Range Rules are followed. 

200 Yard Range Info

  1. The WCGC 200 Yard Range is OPEN to members Monday thru Friday, Sunrise to Sunset, unless noted on the WCGC Calendar as "Closed for Private Use". 
  2. The WCGC 200 Yard Range is CLOSED on weekends during public hours. Exception: The 200 Yard Range OPEN to MEMBERS every 4th Saturday of every Month.   The WCGC 200 Yard Range is utilized for special events on public days (IDPA/3-gun/muzzleloaders/CCW etc.) 
  3. The WCGC 200 Yard Range hours are from sunrise to noon for bench rest shooters & noon to sunset for Dynamic Shooters.
  4. All legally approved firearm types are permitted to be used. Modern Rifles 50 Caliber and larger are not allowed. The USFS has banned discharging all modern rifles 50 cal. BMG and larger at WCGC. The restriction is on modern high velocity cartridges, and does not apply to handguns, muzzle-loading firearms, or rifles chambered for one of the early black powder cartridges.
  5. No airborne targets.
  6. Do not place rocks on the range for any reason. Rocks cause ricochets.
  7. All Cease Fires must be coordinated between all shooters: Sunrise till noon (Bench Rest Shooters) Noon till sunset (Dynamic Shooters)
  8. The Handgun Range and 200 Yard Range are now isolated ranges. No need to coordinate cease fires between the two ranges.
  9. Do not shoot for any reason into the Hesco Barriers on the right side of the 200 Yard Range.
  10. The WCGC 200 Yard Range will be intermittently closed for LE Training/Private Use during the week. Check the official WCGC Calendar on the WCGC website and emails for notification.  www.wcgc.org/calendar 
  11. Keep our Range CLEAN. Please clean-up / pick-up all brass and spent casing after use. All members, guests of members, private instructors and law enforcement are required to clean up all brass and trash after each use. Rakes, shovels, and trashcans are provided for your use.
  12. Be Responsible, Be Nice, and Have Fun.

If the 200 Yard Range is not “Closed for LE Training/Private Use” on the official WCGC Website Calendar, then the Range has not been reserved for private use. Private Range use has not been authorized. Please inform the members on the Range that it is Open to all members and to share the Range. Please show a copy of these Protocols as well as the WCGC Calendar. Be respectful, share the Range.

Before handling any firearm, familiarize yourself with these safety procedures:

  1. Know how the firearm operates — including safely opening and closing the action of the firearm and removing ammunition from the gun or its magazine. For free safety and operating instructions, write to the manufacturer or visit its website.
  2. Always keep a gun pointed in a safe direction, even when handling an unloaded gun — so that if it were to fire it would not result in injury.
  3. Never assume that a firearm is unloaded. Immediately open the action and look into the chamber(s) for ammunition, or if the gun has a magazine, carefully remove it before opening the action.
  4. Always keep your finger off the trigger, even when handling an unloaded gun. Your finger should rest outside the trigger guard or along the side of the gun. The only time you should touch the trigger is when you are ready to safely fire.


Winchester Canyon Gun Club

6620 West Camino Cielo, Santa Barbara, CA 93105 
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Sundays 9:00 AM - 3:30 PM
Wednesdays (Shotgun only) 9:00 AM - 3:30 PM

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